No clear winner in January 20 polls


POLITICAL scientist Alex Ng’ona says next month’s presidential election is open for any candidate and does not favour any particular contender.

Dr Ng’ona pointed out that it would be unwise for anyone to state that a particular party was a favourite and would win the presidential election.

He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the candidate that would send the right message to captivate the electorate would win the election.

“In politics I know very well that things can change in one day…this is an open race and it will be unwise for anyone to say that political party A will win while  political party B will lose. The party, which speaks a kind of language which is appealing to the people of Zambia will carry the day. We will know that party after 20th January, 2015.

“I don’t want to incite the people of Zambia unnecessarily or mislead them by suggesting something because there is no basis on which to draw conclusion that political party A will win and political party B win lose,” he said.

Dr Ng’ona said it was impressive that campaigns in the Patriotic Front (PF) and UPND have gathered pace ahead of the January election. He, however, bemoaned divisions in the MMD, where there are factions supporting different presidential candidates of PF and UPND. He said happenings in the former ruling party were unpleasant and were disadvantaging its presidential candidate Nevers Mumba. “I have seen that campaigns are getting momentum especially in the PF and the UPND. The unfortunate scenario I have seen at the moment is what is happening in the MMD, where members have split into three groups. “One faction is supporting the PF, the second faction is supporting the UPND and the third faction is supporting MMD. When you are split like that, it becomes very difficult for you as a party to put up a good fight,” he said. Dr Ng’ona also commended the media for providing fair coverage to all parties and their candidates, saying it was important for the people to be informed so that they could make informed decisions in the election.

“When you look at the campaigns, one beautiful thing is that all the political contenders are receiving fair coverage from the media. That is very good for our country.

“People should be given an opportunity to hear the truth from the horse’s mouth rather than blacking out certain political parties and individuals and supporting others,” he said.