Resign or face expulsion,Masebo told


Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo should resign from the Patriotic Front (PF) and join the United Party for National Development (UPND) instead of waiting to be humiliated with an expulsion for campaigning against PF president Edgar Lungu, PF secretary general Davis Chama has said.

Mr Chama said it was not surprising that Ms Masebo had rebelled against the PF because her political career had been anchored on jumping from one political party to another.

He said Ms Masebo’s clandestine activities against the PF were known and that the party was going to take disciplinary action against her if she was not going to have the moral courage to resign from the PF.

Mr Chama said the ruling party was aware that some senior PF officials who had refused to reconcile with the party were campaigning for the opposition UPND.

He said Ms Masebo was unwanted in Chongwe and that she was the most unpopular MP whose rebellious activities would not have any effect on the performance of the ruling party.

Mr Chama said in 2011, Ms Masebo lost the Chongwe seat miserably to Japhen Mwakalombe and that the ruling party had to rescue her through a by-election after the former resigned.

He said Masebo was not a genuine member of the PF as she only joined the party when it was clear that victory was certain after she was discredited by the MMD in 2011.

“We have been told that Ms Masebo is campaigning for the UPND in Chongwe. We are not surprised that Ms Masebo has become a rebel because those are her political characteristics.

Her political career is anchored on jumping from one political party to another but let her resign instead of waiting to be humiliated with an expulsion.

Whatever she is doing in Chongwe is not going to affect the performance of the PF because the party has remained popular and intact” Mr Chama said.

He said the PF was going to win the January 20 presidential election whether Ms Masebo liked it or not, adding that the Chongwe MP did not have the following that could change the minds of the electorate to vote for the opposition.

Mr Chama has advised Chongwe constituency officials to be alert and continue monitoring Ms Masebo’s activities so that at an appropriate time, disciplinary action could be taken on Friday, the entire Chongwe constituency executive and the general membership staged a demonstration against Ms Masebo and branded her a traitor who was campaigning against the ruling party.

Efforts to get a comment from Ms Masebo failed as she did not answer calls and a text message sent to her was not responded to.