Kaingu faction backs Edgar


THE opposition MMD has agreed to campaign for the Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate, Edgar Lungu as there is none among the other contenders that can harness development and peace in the nation, former MMD vice president Michael Kaingu has said.

Meanwhile, Dr Kaingu revealed that the MMD leadership that supported the candidature of Mr Rupiah Banda had been holding meetings with Mr Lungu and the PF leadership in an effort to agree on supporting one candidate.

He said the two political parties had agreed to work together as an alliance would be better for the people of Zambia.

“We have noticed that Edgar Lungu is an MP and holds two ministerial positions and he has acted as president before. This gives him a plus because he is not coming to a new job and Zambians must realise that the period is too short for errors.

“We should look beyond individuals and look at the two years that he will be in office. It will be expensive for the country if other opposition leader came in as he would need a new team to work with. We have permanent secretaries, ambassadors and high commissioners, district commissioners and many more that will have to be replaced in a period of two years,” Dr Kaingu said.

He said it was impossible for anyone to fulfill their campaign promises under the 2015 Budget that was passed under the PF Government and as any candidate that would emerge victorious would need to stick to the budget that was passed in the House.

The lawmaker said despite Mr Lungu being called names by some people that did not want him to take over the PF presidency, he was a servant leader that would provide open leadership to the people of this country.

Dr Kaingu further supported Mr Lungu when he said that he had no vision because he could only craft a vision together with his cabinet after assuming power as any good leader would do once sworn in as president. The MMD leader has warned Zambians not to be hoodwinked again by the politicians going round stating that they would fulfill all the promises made as it would not be possible to do so.

“What is important is that ours is an alliance and quite a lot has been discussed and as MMD we shall give Mr Lungu maximum support including material. I would like to advise all supporters not to give conditions when offering their support but rather encourage him with unconditional support so that he has a free hand to choose whoever he is going to work with,” Dr Kaingu said.

Dr Kaingu said Zambians should realise that there was only one Zambia and encouraged people to vote for leaders that would embrace anyone including those from the opposition and warned that it was not time for errors.

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  1. PF welcomes the endorsements from the two MMD factions which increases the total number of MPs endorsing EL to more than 107 in parliament

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