Nawakwi invites more women into politics

WOMEN should stop looking at politics as a dirty game  fit only for the unbaptized and wicked as it is a calling to serve, Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) president Edith Nawakwi has said.

She said women should stop looking down on women in politics as political leadership was no different from any other leadership.

Ms Nawakwi was speaking at the fundraising breakfast for St. Lawrence orphanage of Misis Compound Chelstone Catholic Women’s League in Lusaka yesterday.

She said leadership was provided even in the bible hence women should stop shunning politics as that was the only way they would liberate themselves.

Ms Nawakwi noted that if many women were in political leadership such as councillors and members of Parliament (MPs) cases of illegal land allocation and other immoral vices associated with politics would reduce.

She observed that former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Mutale Nalumango should have taken over as the Speaker after Amusa Mwanamwambwa.

Ms. Nawakwi explained that she had hoped that after the changes in 2011, Zambia should have had  a female Speaker to join other countries in the continent who have female Speakers.

She noted that having a female Speaker would help the women’s cause in the country as she would have used her position as speaker to impress on the president to use his prerogative to appoint women as MPs to increase women representation in Parliament.

Ms. Nawakwi said it was the duty of all citizens in the country to give a helping hand to those in need and that the Chelstone Catholic Women’s League should be assisted.

“ The Catholic Women have been the care givers to those children who have found themselves in the streets and you are really doing a wonderful job. You have taken up government work and you should be commended and helped,” Ms. Nawakwi said.

She added that it was the duty of communities to help where government had failed so as to lessen the burden of taking  care of the needy in society.

And speaking at the same event Mrs Nalumango who is also United Party for National Development National chairperson said political party supporters should not take the debates and different opinions of the leaders into physical differences.

Ms. Nalumango said leaders differ on principal but that they would never fight over their difference in opinion or policies.

She called on supporters of different political parties to avoid fighting over political differences because their leaders “argue in one minute, and the next minute one finds them interacting at social places”.

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