‘PF giants against Lungu’

acting president Edgar Lungu after opening the constitution convention
acting president Edgar Lungu after opening the constitution convention

THERE are senior leaders in the PF who are determined to destroy the Patriotic Front (PF) by joining hands with the opposition to campaign against the ruling party presidential candidate Edgar Lungu, national chairperson Inonge Wina has disclosed.

And Ms Wina has described as political prostitution the conduct of Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo who has been accused of having rebelled against the ruling party and is campaigning for the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND)  The PF national chairperson said confusion had continued in the ruling party because some leaders were against the election of Mr Lungu as party president and his subsequent adoption as the candidate for the presidential election next month.

“It is unfortunate that the ruling party was not countering the propaganda campaign that had been launched against the PF and Mr Lungu by some individuals who were aggrieved to have failed to assume the leadership of the party,” she said. Ms Wina stated that some senior PF leaders were promoting wrangles in the party because they were still working at destroying  the ruling party.

She told the Daily Nation yesterday that the PF was aware that leaders such as Matero Member of Parliament (MP) Miles Sampa had not reconciled with Mr Lungu and that his supporters in Kasama were campaigning for the formation of the new party.

Ms Wina said she was shocked that Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba had continued attacking the PF and Mr Lungu because when she was in Kasama last week, she had meetings at which perceived differences were dealt with and party members agreed to let “bygones be bygones.”

But Mr Mwamba is today holding a press conference at which he is expected to discuss the differences in the ruling party and his position on what is currently happening in the party.

She charged that Mr Sampa allegedly brought into Lusaka his supporters who she said were cocooned in Matero waiting for judgment in the case in which the Matero MP had challenged the election of Mr Lungu as PF president at the Kabwe general conference.

“Our biggest challenge is that we do not have anyone to counter the propaganda that has been mounted against the PF and our presidential candidate Edger Lungu. There are people who are still aggrieved for having been rejected for the presidency of the PF and subsequent adopting as presidential candidates. These people are now on a campaign to destroy the PF and Mr Lungu. I know that some members are still campaigning for Mr Sampa so that when he forms his own political party, they will just move in,” Ms Wina said.

She however said there was hope that the ruling party would be able to completely heal from the political wounds it suffered after the Kabwe general conference and advised that those who could not make it should accept that there shall only be one leader at a time.

Ms Wina said while there was unity and harmony in the party, there were still pockets of individuals who had vowed that they would fight the ruling party and its leader so that they could make it difficult to campaign. She said the party could not continue to remain divided because the differences were affecting the campaigns and appealed to the aggrieved parties to consider the interests of the party.

“Late President Michael Sata worked very hard for the PF and we cannot afford to kill the party just three years in Government. The party officials in Northern Province were very angry with me but after we sat down to discuss, we realized that in fact we did not have differences. I left the PF in Kasama united but the differences that are emerging now should be resolved by the local leadership. You do not disown your child because she is a delinquent,” Mr Wina said.

And Ms Wina has described Ms Masebo as a political prostitute who should stop associating herself with the ruling party.

“What Ms Masebo is doing is political opprtunism. She must declare her political direction because it is either she is in the PF or out. She cannot be eating with both hands and it is unfortunate that she is campaigning for the opposition,” Ms Wina said.