I’m a saviour-GBM

I will not resign from the Patriotic Front and I will not be shaken by any critics against my decision to support UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, Kasama Central member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has charged.

But Patriotic Front Central Province chairman Benson Chali says Mr Mwamba decided to support Mr Hichilema after his wish to be appointed PF vice president under Edgar Lungu was rejected.

Mr Mwamba said he did not lose anything in either supporting the UPND or being in the PF because he was not a job seeker but instead wanted to help the people of Zambia.

“I am not a job seeker but a saviour for the people of Zambia in order for them to choose what is right for them. I resigned from my position as Defence minister and only worked in Government for two years, but I am living an exemplary and comfortable life. I do not ask for jobs because what I want to see is the Zambian people benefitting from what belongs to them,” Mr Mwamba said.

Mr Mwamba maintained that those that were calling for his resignation were feeling his political weight and that he was aware of their works which had forced late President Michael Sata to chase them from the party.

He said he was aware of some officials whose aim was to bring confusion in the PF instead of following the principles of Mr Sata.

“Let me state here and make it clear that hired gangs and some party officials are bent on seeing the party collapse in the absence of the founder, just for their personal gains,” Mr Mwamba said.

He said a clique of people had destroyed the party because they were not privy to party principles and that they only wanted to use the opportunity to promote their personal agendas.

Mr Mwamba urged the people of Zambia to open their eyes and analyse the future of Zambia.

He was reacting to a statement from PF secretary general Davis Chama who challenged him to resign or withdraw his case in court so that his seat could be declared vacant after he endorsed the candidature of UNPD leader Hakainde Hichilema.

But Mr Chali said Mr Mwamba’s decision would not affect the party’s campaign for PF president in next month’s presidential campaign.

On Monday, the Kasama lawmaker popularly known as GBM, endorsed  the UPND leader  for the presidency in the 20 January 2015 presidemital election..

Mr. Chali said although Mr Mwamba’s decision was regrettable, the former Defence minister was not a factor in the campaigns.

He accused Mr. Mwamba of wanting to hold PF president Edgar Lungu hostage.

“It is regrettable but this idea where people want to put conditions before supporting the party is unacceptable and Mr. Mwamba’s departure is as a result of frustration because he wanted Mr. Lungu to appoint him vice president as a condition to supporting him,” said Mr. Chali.

He claimed that GBM had demanded that Mr. Lungu should meet him ahead of the campaigns during which he wanted to put his demands across but the PF Central Committee felt that allowing such a situation would make Mr. Lungu a weak president because of other forces controlling him.

Mr Chali said PF would continue with the campaigns and dismissed as lies rumours circulating about the health of  Mr. Lungu.

He reiterated that Mr. Lungu was in good health and that the PF would continue getting support from well-wishers to ensure that no public resources were used during the campaign.

Mr. Chali was optimistic that because of the party’s performance, Mr. Lungu would easily win the January 20 presidential poll with a big margin.

On the recently reported defection of PF members to the newly formed Rainbow party, Mr. Chali said the members defecting were the ones causing confusion in the PF and that their departure was good riddance.

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