Jobless man fined for pregnancy

A LOCAL Court in Lusaka has ordered a 26-year-old man to pay K4000 as compensation for impregnating a 19-year-old woman.

Senior Court Magistrate Ganston Kalala sitting at Chawama Local Court ordered Petrol Banda of John Howard compound to compensate Albert Chewe, 52, of Kuku compound for impregnating his daughter, Peggy Banda.

Chewe told the court that Banda impregnated his daughter in 2010 and that in 2012 they sat and charged him K5000 for pregnancy and marriage.

He said a charge for deflowering was K3000 and that marriage was K2000.

Chewe said Banda stayed with his daughter over a year but on December 2,2014 she was brought back.

He said that he heard Banda had found a job in Chongwe.

In defence, Banda said that he was charged K8000 when he impregnated Peggy but he did not pay anything.

Asked by Chewe if he didn’t charge him K5000, Banda said that he was charged K3000 for damage and that K5000 for marriage.

Asked by the court when he will pay the money, Banda said that he will pay when he starts work adding that he was fired in Chongwe when goods were stolen. Banda was ordered to pay the fine by monthly payment of K300.