NAREP against politics of insults

National Restoration Party (NAREP)  president Elias Chipimo Jr. says his party will not engage in politics of character assassination and mudsliging as it campaigns for election on January.

Mr Chipimo said NAREP would undertake campaigns based on real issues affecting the people in their community.

The opposition leader was speaking yesterday in Shibuyunji district, Central Province when he addressed a rally ahead of the January 20 presidential election.

Mr Chipimo urged electorates to choose a God-fearing President in the January 20, 2015 Presidential election.

The NAREP leader also pledged to tackle challenges encountered in health, agriculture, environment, education and construction sectors once he was elected president of Zambia.

He said women and youths should be offered business contracts to supply Government institutions with goods and services to improve their welfare.

Mr Chipimo, who also toured Nampundwe Market, directed party members to put the interests of women first in all undertakings.