UPND desperation for power dangerous – Kalaba


THE levels of desperation being exhibited by the United Party for National Development (UPND) and its leadership to win the coming presidential election are not just alarming but dangerousand irresponsible with the potential to endanger the security of the country, Patriotic Front (PF) media team spokesperson Harry Kalaba has warned.

Mr Kalaba said in a statement that it was regrettable that the UPND and its leadership was involving the service chiefs and the security personnel and that the PF was demanding that Mr Hichilema as leader of the opposition political party should apologise to the military for dragging them into politics.

And Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata has demanded the immediate resignation of Chongwe Member of Parliament and her Kasama Central counterpart so that they could test their popularity by re-contesting their seats on their new found political party ticket, the UPND.

Mr Kalaba said it had dawned on the UPND and Mr Hichilema that PF president Edgar Lungu was destined for the republican presidency and were inventing reasons to reject and discredit the results of the presidential election.

He said it was not surprising that UPND vice-president for politics Canisius Banda could “invent wild allegations” that the PF Government was scheming to rig the presidential election and that the ruling party was allegedly forcing the defence chiefs to campaign for its candidate.

Mr Kalaba said it was irresponsible for Dr Banda to claim that foreign nationals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda had been unleashed on Southern Province to cause violence.

He said it was highly defamatory for the UPND to claim to have Mr Lungu’s medical report which purported that the PF president had kidney problems.

“We wish to caution that the levels of desperation exhibited by the UPND in their quest to win the presidential election this month are not only dangerous but inflammatory, defamatory, irresponsible with the potential to risk the security of the country. It is regrettable that the UPND is involving our service chiefs in partisan politics and we demand that Mr Hichilema apologises to the defence forces for the irresponsible and careless allegations,”Mr Kalaba said.

He said the PF was also demanding that Mr Hichilema should tender his apology to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwandan governments for his false insinuations that their nationals were in the country to cause violence during the election period, an assertion Mr Kalaba said could sour the harmonious relationship Zambia had been enjoying with the two countries.

He said the medical report circulating on social media and purporting that Mr Lungu had kidney problems was a total fabrication concocted by known culprits who often celebrated the illness and death of other people.

Mr Kalaba explained that the criminal fabrication of a medical report against Mr Lungu was meant to cause panic and scare citizens.

He said the party had resolved to launch a complaint against Mr Hichiema to the Medical Council of Zambia for breaching the medical code of ethics of keeping the confidentiality and details of any patient’s medical records.

“We will appeal to the Medical Association of Zambia to consider banning Dr Banda from practicing for breaching medical ethics because some gullible people might believe his utterances. The medical fraternity must consider punishing Dr Banda for criminal conduct,”Mr Kalaba said.

And Ms Kapata said Ms Masebo was well-known for jumping from one political party to another when it was convenient for her, adding that it was not surprising that she had decided to support the UPND in the coming presidential election.

Ms Kapata recalled that in 2001, MsMasebo left the MMD and joined the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) and that when she realized that her party’s prospects of forming government were remote, she moved back to the MMD under president Levy Mwanawasa.

She said in 2011, when the chances for the PF to form Government were certain, Ms Masebo left the MMD after causing problems there and joined PF where she lost her seat and was only assisted by the resignation of JaphenMwakalombe who was offered a diplomatic job in Mozambique.

“The PF is going to have a jubilee president in the name of Edgar Lungu. We are not bothered that MsMasebo and Mr Mwamba (Kasama MP) have endorsed Mr Hichilema because our candidate has continued enjoying massive support across the country. Let them emulate Wynter Kabimba who resigned from the PF and formed his own Rainbow Party which we know has no influence in our politics,”Ms Kapata said.