GBM blasts Bemba tribalism

BEMBA and Ngoni-speaking people throughout the country should break their tribal talk and the evil of tribalism perpetrated by politicians by voting for a credible and unifying leader in next week’s presidential election, Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said.

In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr Mwamba popularly known as GBM, said next week’s presidential election should be premised on national unity and not  tribalism perpetrated by “useless” and non-performing politicians.

He said Bembas across the country should be the first ones to come out and denounce the tribal talk perpetrated and promoted by Bembas.

“I am sad that people we know from our region are in the forefront of promoting tribalism and this tribal talk which has engulfed our political campaigns. It is therefore my challenge to all Bemba speaking people to stop tribal talk by participating in next week’s presidential election and voting for a credible leader whose agenda is for national development by involving all tribes,” said Mr. Mwamba.

He said the tribal talk by leaders in the PF and others was dividing the nation, adding that after the 20th January election, Zambia should be under a credible leader.

Mr. Mwamba said it was therefore important that unpopular decisions were made by supporting UPND president Hakainde Hichilema whose agenda was non-tribal but based on national development.

“Ifwe bamo tatusapotafye icisapotefye based on tribe like our friends and well known people from Northern and Eastern provinces respectively. On a personal level I have decided to support HH because he is the only candidate talking about unity of purpose, national development and ending high levels of poverty among our people by providing quality leadership,” he said.

Mr. Mwamba said it was disappointing that some Bemba-speaking people were fed with wrong information about other tribes, adding that time has come to forget and end tribal politics by electing a Tonga president.

“This is a time for Mr. Hichilema to govern. Why should you put tribe first when it comes to politics but when its issues to do with jobs and marriage you don’t choose or ask a tribe. You marry anyone.  Then why do you agree to marry other tribes if they don’t fit to be leaders of this country?” asked Mr. Mwamba.

He said tribal talk had become a security concern for the nation and should come to an end by electing Mr. Hichilema.

“We are all Zambians and should enjoy equal opportunities and rights. So why should we choose leaders based on the tribe one comes from or belongs to?”  Why promoting that  which will hurt this country now and in the future? Do you know what we are doing to our children and the future of the nation? I implore all well meaning Zambians to denounce and protest against  tribalism by voting for Mr. Hichilema who has a programme for the country to create jobs, and give people equal opportunities for wealth creation,” said Mr. Mwamba.


22 thoughts on “GBM blasts Bemba tribalism

  1. I beg to differ with Mr. Mwamba on this one! in my opinion those who will vote for HH are the ones supporting tribalism cause HH came to lead UPND using tribalism, therefore, when you vote for him you are agreeing with the way he came to power!!! Edgar has not risen to the top of PF through tribalism it was purely based on his appeal to the majority people in PF following the demise of Mr. Sata

    1. What are you talking about?HH has for the past elections endured being called a tribalist.He has assembled a quality team from all the regions.
      Lungu became a candidate through violence and intimidation of the opponent’t supporters.If you have been following the campaign trail,RB and Lungu are the ones who campaigned tribal lines.
      HH was voted as party president because he had a vision for the party.If indeed Sakwiba Sikota had the pedigree his party would have been one of the major opposition parties in Zambia.
      We are tired of this tribal talk and watch how Zambia will be united under HH.

  2. I’ve observed that most of Vodka’ suppoters are either bembas or people from eastern.Besides this came into power by raising hands.

  3. I also beg to defer that Edgar Lungu rose to PF presidency based on his appeal because he used Pangas and thugs who were not even supposed to be at the convention to rise to the top. Already Bembas feel that the PF has been stolen from them by easterners but those supporting it are doing so because of cousinship which is basically tribalism. And for your own information, the people who pushed the “only a Tonga can lead UPND” are supporting MMD and PF since that convention as they could not be accommodated due to their tribalism i.e. Ngande Mwanajiti and Syacheye Madyenkuku. So what else did you want the UPND to do?

  4. I agree also with Benny. HH started this and now it is haunting him and his supporters. let him apologise and we shall give him the support.

  5. I agree with GBM. Chris Yaluma MP for Malole was telling people not to vote for ‘bamwisa’ and yet his own wife is 100% a Tonga from Monze. Which means that Yaluma’s children are half Tonga half Bemba. Following his ‘bamwisa’ idea, it means that both his wife and children should not stand for Zambian presidency?

    What really is in a tribe?

  6. Ben Onyango remain like that. God will see HH through. After all the Bible is clear that a people without a vision perish. Edgar said he has no vision. We do not want to perish when we know the truth that sets us free. HH has given us a vision. Those that are perishing without a vision should go and perish but as a Christian nation we shall follow a leader who follows the teaching of the Bible. Have a vision of your own not a dead man’s vision.

  7. you are right on this one mr mwamba. am actually married to a half tonga half ngoni but am bemba. actually all tribes in zambia are good its only disgruntled politicians that are trying to divide us during elections time.

  8. Kicks of a dying horse can now be noticed by GBM who is supporting HH because he is bitter and frustrated. Bemba’s support for Lungu is not tribalism. Since when did Lungu become a Bemba?

  9. thanks mr gbm,if people were rilly christians according to be said that zambia is a christian nation what does it mean? even jesus who wanted put us in eternity but we denied,what more apoor person like me.let us support one another because bembas,tongas ngonies,lozies etc are one so pliz ba gbm continue preaching this massage as a servant of the people God bless you.

  10. Bravo GBM. My father had a tribal attitude against Lozis and Tongas. God gave him two Tongas and five Lozis for in laws out his nine children . He got born again.

  11. BA GBM you are dissappointed because now you see reality creeping in that a Tonga can’t rule Zambia because he is the engineer of tribalism. You reap what you saw. It won’t change until tongas change. Other tribes are not tribal. Swallow your own pill. GBM azala. Situation on the ground taili bwino. Edgar is winning. This bemba Chipata combination is unbreakable and very solid.

  12. GBM is not being truthful, he left Edgar’s camp to spite him. The problem with GBM is that he is too pompous and thinks everyone can worship him. GBM cannot tell anyone who to vote for. We know what is best for us.

  13. I look forward to a day when HH will tell his fellow Tongas to stop tribalism? He has told other tribes but not his own.

  14. The only way our majestic nation is to spell off the theme of tribalism,get united and speak one language “LETS DEVELOP OUR LAND,RAISE IT A BETTER STATUS FOR THE IN COMING GENERATIONS TO LEARN AND APPRECIATE OUR WORKS UNIFICATION AS WE DID APPRECIATE OUR FORE FATHERS’ STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE…..then you will see the much needed development we all long to see in the near future.

  15. The only way our majestic nation is to spell off the theme of tribalism,get united and speak one language “LETS DEVELOP OUR LAND,RAISE IT TO A BETTER STATUS FOR THE IN COMING GENERATIONS TO LEARN AND APPRECIATE OUR WORKS OF UNIFICATION AS WE DID APPRECIATE OUR FORE FATHERS’ STRUGGLE FOR INDEPENDENCE”…..then you will see the much needed development we all long to see in the near future.

  16. This is bad talk from GBM. Just because the man you hate is perceived by you to be ngoni now you lamp him together with bembas to jeopardise his chances? Tamwaba bwino ba Mwamba Lungu is Chewa. You are a bad person. There is no tribalism about your friend becoming PF president. Nganimwe mwawinine ngatamulelandapo pali tribalism. You have just failed to sell your HH. Elo aba bemba naba ngoni mulelandapo they are small tribes icakuti ngamwalishibe teti mulande nefyo!

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