Zambia should introduce paper packaging this year

Dear Editor, 

As we start 2015 I wish to make an ernest appeal to our Government to seriously consider banning the usage of plastics in all  fotrms of packaging.

This is because plastics are certainly  a danger to the environment  as they now litter our surroundings with unbelievale disgust.

They have soiled not  only shopping, residential areas but cemeteries too  which look extremely miserable with plastics flying all over.

I think that it is time we resorted to paper packaging like some countriesi are doing in Europe because paper easily rots and dissolves into soil.

Shops  and other business outlets too should be  compelled to start using paper bag carriers.

Iam sure there will be a great differnece in our surrrodunings which have already been messed up by street vendors.

I think the  ministry of commerce should take up the matter with the urgency it deserves.

Cleanwell Bwalo