CEEC can trigger growth of youth- owned businesses

THE Government must reinforce the Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) terms of reference that relate to availing 40 per cent of the empowerment scheme to youth-owned enterprises.

Strategic Youth Enterprise executive member in Mkushi, Bright Mumba said there was need for Government to scale up youth-owned enterprises in their pursuit of CEEC funding.

“Youths are appealing to the Government to reinforce the CEEC terms of reference that pertain towards availing the empowerment scheme for youth-owned enterprises.

Mr Mumba said access to CEEC funding would go a long way in the consolidation and expansion of youth-owned enterprises as it would trigger economic development of Mkushi district and the nation as a whole.

He said enterprises that are involved in secondary production such as processing and manufacturing would help trigger off positive impact on agricultural produce.

Mr Mumba said such efforts would lead to value addition of primary produce such as crops, saying value addition on crops was among the Government’s major objectives.

“What is important is that more youth enterprises are considered for CEEC funding, so that they as well benefit and contribute to the country’s economic growth. Well funded and viable enterprises could create jobs for more people.” he said.

Mr Mumba said the appeal was in tandem with Government’s overall objectives of creating favourable commercial climate for the growth of local enterprises.

He said organisations such as CEEC existed to promote increased investment, job creation and in the process reduce on high poverty levels in the country.

Mr Mumba said the people of Zambia were interested in positive results from such an intention, adding that he was hopeful that the appeal would be positively considered by the relevant authorities.


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