Lungu challenged over Barotseland Agreement

President Edgar Lungu has a task to restore order and confidence in Western Province over the demand by the Lozi speaking people for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, a historian and senior citizen Mutukulu Linyanda has said.

But President Lungu says he will meet Barotseland activists to find a better way of resolving and settling the thorny issues of the Barotseland Agreement, reports ZANIS from Addis Ababa.

President Lungu said he will soon travel to Western Province to get first-hand information about the Barotseland Agreement.

“I will go to Western Province to meet people of Barotseland next week when we get back to Zambia,” he said when he addressed Zambians living in Ethiopia.

President Lungu said he would ask the Barotseland activists to show him where the Barotseland boundaries are and to tell him who the constituents were so that he could know who was involved and possibly hold a referendum on the issue in the area. Mr. Linyanda said President Lungu should make a difference in the manner he would attend to the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement.

“The 1964 agreement is clear and what we are asking for is not secession, my brothers and sisters ,but to have authority to administer the affairs of our land. We want development; we want our people to take part in the governance of our region. Those who are opposed to decentralisation are enemies of development,” said Mr Linyanda.

He said the people in the region felt betrayed by all successive governments in the manner they had mishandled the matter of the agreement.

“This is a reason why President Lungu should handle this matter differently from any other leader. People were promised the restoration within 90 days but that did not happen. My plea to President Lungu is to open doors for dialogue with the people in the region,” said Mr. Linyanda. who lives in Mongu, observed that failure by Government to take the matter with the seriousness it deserved would continue to haunt Government and its officials.


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  1. North-westerner says:

    And if they fail to address western province they should be reminded that north-western will soon be joining the fight.