ZRP leader counsels HH


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema should not stoop so low as to use the death of their cadre Glayzer Matapa to gain political mileage, says Zambia Republican Party president William Musona.

And a pastor in Northern Province says indiscipline exhibited by the UPND political cadres at the burial day of the late Matapa should not be allowed in the country

Mr Musona said the UPND and its leader should not meddle in police business by making unproven assumptions that the assailants were PF members when there was no evidence to back the claims.

“It is not yet clear who killed the UPND cadre because there were a lot of stories about what could have happened including that he could have been killed by his own colleagues,” he said.

He claimed that there was no reason for PF cadres to have argued with or even killed Mr Matapa because the ruling party had already won the presidential elections, and the time for campaigns was over.

Mr Musona said Mr Hichilema should desist from inciting his cadres to become more violent but rather must be seen  to be promote peace.

And Pastor Joseph Chishimba of Northern Province said he was shocked with last week’s event where the cadres had shown disrespect for the dead, when the casket was dropped after the clash with the police.

Pastor Chishimba said the intolerance among political players was a source of concern that was bound to divide the nation if not checked.

He said the unity that was preached day and night should be translated into action.

“There is too much intolerance in the country but God will not allow people to continue suffering. It is therefore important that the church should remain awake and steadfast to ensure that they stand firm over these wrongdoings by the party cadres,” Pastor Chishimba said. On Friday, police fired teargas at UPND cadres carrying the casket of Matapa as they marched through the streets of Lusaka on their way to Memorial Park cemetery. In the confusion, the pall bearers dropped the coffin and it broke.

Mr Matapa was last week brutally murdered by suspected cadres in Lusaka’s Mtendere Township.

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2 Responses to “ZRP leader counsels HH”

  1. Kapimpa Shilota says:

    Dear Editor, i wish to differ with my fellow pastor in the north & the ZRP president.HH is not to blame but the police command.For clarity sake, who does not know that they are trained to police all kinds of crowds?They were just teargas excited.Police in Lusaka used the unfortunate occassion to save face for failing to protect the deceased!If trained officers failed to control the mourner,how on earth would HH do it? Since when was carrying a coffin on shoulders a criminality? Actually,its culturally proper in some settings.

  2. zuberi says:

    Mr Musona & Pastor Chishimba, despite all the evidence prior to the murder you still blame UPND cadres? You are the people I thought could see things in perspective alas your are PF cadres.


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