Kamanga chases FAZ presidency


FOOTBALL administrator Andrew Kamanga has declared interest to contest the FAZ presidency at the elective annual general meeting in 2016.

Kamanga will be challenging Kalusha Bwalya who will be re-contesting his position for a third term of office.

He made the announcement during a Radio Phoenix talk show which effectively gives the incumbent Bwalya a hint that his third term bid is under serious threat.

And veteran  sports administrator Simataa Simataa has backed Kamanga for the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) presidency in the elective annual general meeting in 2016.

Simataa said Kamanga was the best alternative for revamping Zambian football following the failures of the Bwalya-led executive.

He said in an interview yesterday that Kamanga should be given a chance in the 2016 FAZ elections to stop the continued decline of football in Zambia. “I back Kamanga for FAZ president. I have said it before and I will say it again that Kamanga is the best alternative we have following the failure of Kalusha,” he said.

Kalusha is reported to have attempted to change the FAZ constitution using Nchanga Rangers vice-chairman Blackwell Siwale and Afrisports’ Gabriel Kaunda with proposals targeted to stop individuals like Kamanga from contesting the presidency.

But Kalusha’s proposals were rejected and thrown out last weekend by the annual general meeting (AGM) in Kabwe even before they could go to a vote. Ballot boxes were brought Mulungushi Rock of Authority in readiness to put the controversial proposals to a vote but voting could not take place.

And reacting to the Honour Janza contract saga, Simataa said it was unprofessional for Kalusha to discuss the matter at the AGM without informing the concerned party.

He said Kalusha and his executive have betrayed Janza after assuring him of the job after qualifying the team to the Africa Cup of Nations. “Kalusha and his executive are nothing but betrayers and traitors; how do they just change goal posts and say Janza is under qualified. The last time they were saying he is the most qualified coach,” he said. Simataa said FAZ should have discussed matters of how best they could assist local coaches’ perfect their qualifications. “FAZ just like using people like doormats and use qualifications as a scape goat. What were the qualification of Herve Renard, Patrice Beaumelle, Dario Bonneti or Patrick Phiri?,”                         he asked.

He said FAZ had no particular interest in football affairs and have no feelings for mankind.

“At no time has a coach contract been discussed in an AGM, it is very unprofessional especially that Janza was not informed prior to the AGM,” he said.

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  1. Competition is health.Let Kamanga go ahead and give Kalulasha a run for his money.I mean if Kalu is great as it is purported there is no need to start fidgeting with the constitution or using underhand methods.If you are good you are good. The fruits will tell it all.Don’t panic eh!

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