Reinstate DBZ directors


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should reinstate former Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) Managing Director Abraham Mwenda if the bank has to recover the K14 billion owed by the Zambian Airways, Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has said.

And the DBZ board of directors should re-engage its lawyer, Vincent Malambo and all the employees who testified in the matter leading to the High Court ordering the Zambian Airways to pay back the loan.

He said DBZ Managing Director Jacob Lushinga and lawyer Buta Gondwe should be removed and be replaced by people who handled the Zambian Airways case from its inception because the duo allegedly supressed the matter,.

Mr. Tayali charged that when Mr Lushinga and Mr. Gondwe were brought to DBZ, they did not pursue the Zambian Airways loan and over the years allegedly neglected to demand the payment of the loan.

“Dr. Mwenda was fired for doing the right thing in the eyes of the public while Dr. Lushinga who was taken there did not continue where Dr Mwenda left off. He is a wrong person to be there because he came as a result of the malfunctioning of DBZ. “There is no other reason as to why Mr Gondwe was put there, it was to squash the case and the evidence is there to show that he is the one who went and withdrew the case from the court. Why was Lawyer Vincent Malambo removed? It was because he refused to go and withdraw the case from the court. So, if this case is to yield anything positively, then people like Dr. Mwenda should be brought back, he should be recalled,” he said.

Mr Tayali explained that Dr. Mwenda was a key witness in the Zambian Airways loan because he was the one who administered that loan while Mr Malambo was the one who pursued the case from the beginning and that he performed well.  “Though the cartel came in, and frustrated his work, he (Dr. Mwenda) stood firm by his principles and refused to withdraw the case when they asked him to do so. These two people are very key; Dr. Mwenda is a key witness; Vincent Malambo is the man that knows that case,” he said.  “Mr. Mwenda performed well at the bank and the profiles are there to show. Right now the last audit shows that Lushinga spent a lot of money on talk time. You can clearly see the abuse that is there. We never had such things when Dr Mwenda was there,” he said.

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