Kalusha not for life presidency

FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya will never advocate for life presidency, because he has other ambitions outside soccer, says communications manager Nkweto Tembwe

Tembwe said FAZ were not happy with the alarming falsities being labelled against the association and its leadership.

At a press briefing held yesterday at Football House in Lusaka, Tembwe said that some stakeholders had unfairly accused Kalusha of trying to abrogate the provisions of the constitution for personal gain.

“These allegations are not only false but a product of people who lack understanding of the provisions of the rules and regulations which govern football regarding the presidency of the association,

“We wish to remind stakeholders that the constitution of FAZ in its current form allows a candidate to contest this position with limitless terms,” he said.

He also stated that the position of president like any other positions in the FAZ executive committee went to the candidate who  has won an election through popular vote in a transparent democratic process.

“It is mind-baffling to learn that some privileged stakeholders make absurd allegations when the FAZ constitution is a public document which was last amended in 2006 during the reign of Mr Teddy Mulonga,

“The constitution of the association cannot be changed by an individual or group of individuals outside the realms of the policy-makers the councillors.

“This is a preserve of the FAZ council which comprises of all affiliate members of FAZ. This is the only institution which can make changes or any amendments and again through a 2/3 majority voting for such alterations,” he said.

Tembwe said some stakeholders should understand that football was a serious business managed on behalf of the Zambian people who demanded excellence.

He said the association shall endeavour to remain focused and contribute diligently to the growth and development of Zambian football.

“At the 2015 AGM it was indicated that the association may convene an extra ordinary meeting of the council where FIFA is expected to come and make a key note address regarding management and administration of football in Zambia,” he said.


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