Chama blasts Sondashi

IT IS shameful and disappointing for Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) president Dr Ludwig Sondashi to suggest that President Edgar Lungu must be voted out office next year, Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Davies Chama has said.

And Mr Chama has described as “hypocritical” Dr Sondashi’s claims that President Lungu was governing the nation dangerously.

On Wednesday, Dr Sondashi said it would be disastrous if the PF was allowed to continue beyond 2016 because President Lungu was governing the nation dangerously.

Dr Sondashi suggested that Zambians must therefore remove President Lungu and the PF Government out of power in 2016.

But Mr Chama said it was unfortunate that Dr Sondashi could not point at anything that he had done for North-Western Province where he came from.

“Dr Sondashi served as minister in different governments and there is nothing that he can point to which he has done for the nation not even the province where he hails from,” he said.

He said Dr Sondashi was only showing his ignorance that he had not been travelling across the country to see how the nation had developed from where he had left it when he was in government.

And Mr Chama said it was good that Dr Sondashi had decided not to stand in 2016 because he had nothing to tell Zambians and urged him to permanently retire because his time was long gone.

Mr Chama said Dr Sondashi was from a crop of politicians who were only interested in criticizing President Lungu irresponsibly.

It would be just as well if Dr. Sondashi retired “He has nothing to offer to the Zambian people and cannot be accepted by anyone to govern this great nation, his time has long gone,” he said.

Mr Chama said Dr Sondashi should be appreciating that the mess which he left while in Government had been cleaned by President Lungu.

He cited the mushrooming of new schools, hospital, roads and shopping malls as some of the developmental projects which Dr Sondashi failed to deliver when he was a minister in the previous Governments. Mr Chama said President Lungu would win the 2016 general elections so that he could continue with his developmental projects which Dr Sondashi had failed to deliver during his time.

“People like Mr Sondashi already made their money when they were ministers and built empires while Zambians are still wallowing in poverty. Now that President Lungu wants to clean up their mess he wants to politicize it. I think that it is shameful and sometimes very annoying that we have old politicians who cannot appreciate others,” Mr Chama said.

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