THE University Teaching Hospital (UTH) management has a duty to address the negative attitude of some of their doctors who are turning away patients on the flimsy excuse that they are late for their review appointments.

The patients frequenting UTH are not doing so because they want to trouble the doctors and other staff.

It must be understood that one becomes a patient either because of an accident or because of some serious body complication.

Therefore given a choice, the patients whether at UTH or any other medical facility would rather be in the comfort of their homes with their families in a state of good health.

But a clean bill of health is not always guaranteed in one’s life hence the decisions by those afflicted to seek medical attention.

It is therefore expectation of patients that they will be heartily received at those medical facilities by staff committed to their calling.

The patients want to get well quickly so that they can start going about their daily duties of life.

This is because everybody knows that a patient rarely contributes to national development as their preoccupation is to get well through medication provided either by State health institutions or private medical facilities which are expensive.

Since UTH management is aware that some doctors have a negative habit of chasing away patients, it should address those concerns so that the institution is not seen as a place of torture but a place where those afflicted can equity to home.

We know the doctor –patient ratio is overwhelming but this should not be the reason for medical staff to adopt traits which attract criticism rather than understanding.

Generally, the manpower in our health facilities is inadequate to effectively meet the health burden of Zambians.

But surely, those who have chosen the medical profession should do their best to make their fields more attractive to school leavers who would rather enter other fields.

The medical fields should not be made to be viewed as comprising frustrated individuals by a few doctors whose interest of joining the health profession hinged on financial consideration rather than to save lives.

As we have said, since the UTH management is aware of this these negative traits by some of its staff, the time to act against ‘bad eggs’ is now save the institution from embarrassing occasion.

The doctors were not forced to join the profession and so should dedicate themselves to the duties of their jobs.

The doctors who would like to act against their calling should be assisted to find alternative jobs which do not demand empathy.

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2 Responses to “Doctors”

  1. says:

    This story is not a fruk it is a true story doctors at uth are chaseing us the patents I am using this name as my name to protect my self the same doctors that they can stop atending to me if they know my real name there is doctor by the name dr k mumba unit 4, dr muntemba filter clinic and dr lungu unit 4 this doctors are deadly they can’t lessen to your complent just go home you are fine and take panadol that s how they treat us its time uth got doctors with a heart to help us uth must get doctors like doctor mujajati he is a good doctor very understanding you can get well fast with him thank you if you feel like letting the all zambia know about this message its ok because it is true it is happening

  2. RHODA NSAMA says:

    I read the issue of Doctors at UTH with a Heavy Heart , George Chella and Emmanuel Mwamba will remember how I still condemned Late President Chiluba at his Kabulonga home over the beating of Doctors.

    Dear Doctors We as your Patients We love and trust You and We appreciate you are working under difficult conditions , please patient with us.

    In the Doctors frustrations I have been bedridden for 1 year complainig of Left Hip pain, because at Casualty after looking at my Xray He diagonised me with Anthritis. I trusted His diagnosis and insisted to Johannesburg University Doctors that He was right . It took a lot of perssuation from the UJ Doctor to have another Xray done which has revieled a Crack in my Femure at the Hip. Our Zambian Doctors need help the Government needs to look into their welfare .

    Yes leaders you do manage to go as passenger to get better treatment and come back as Cargo. Do something about Health facilities while you can


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