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It is too late to engage an expatriate coach, FAZ should beef up the technical bench with experienced local coaches soccer fans have advised.

Chipolopolo Soccer Fans Association (CSFA) chairperson Yotham Mwanza says with only 13 days left before Zambia takes on Guinea Bissau for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers it was too late to start looking for an expatriate coach,

Speaking in an interview yesterday, Mwanza reiterated that it was no longer a hidden fact that the technical bench needed fine tuning owing to the poor performance by Zambia at the Council of Southern African Association (COSAFA) Senior Challenge tournament in South Africa.

He however stressed that employing an expatriate coach was not a solution with a few days remaining before Zambia kicks-off her compaign for the AFCON qualifiers.

“As fans, we feel that the technical bench needs to be beefed up by bringing in local experienced coaches. Our appeal is for FAZ not to bring an expatriate coach, there is no time for a build-up. We are not looking at COSAFA but the Africa Cup qualifiers and Zambia must qualify, “he said.

Mwanza said it was extremely embarrassing that Zambia could be beaten by Malawi, a clear indication that there was no national team to talk about

He also questioned the selection process of the team because it contributed to the failure by Zambia to perform.

“How can we lose to a team that we beat 2-0 two weeks ago. What is also worrying is the selection process of the team. I will not mention names but it’s like some players have become favourites not based on performance. We don’t have strikers and that is worrisome, “he said.

Meanwhile, Zambia sports Fans Association (ZSFA) chairperson Peter Makembo said Janza should not be blamed for the failed performance of the Chipolopolo at COSAFA.

Makembo said it was the mentality of the players towards the game that landed Zambia in a situation she has found herself in.

“The blame should not be put on Janza. He did the best but the players’ mind-set in the Malawi and Namibia game wasn’t good as they underestimated the two teams. The coach gave them the tools but failed to make use of them, “he said.

He castigated FAZ for thinking that an expatriate coach can do wonders in few days remaining when there were already coaches on Zambia’s soil.

“Why bring in an expatriate coach barely two-weeks before the qualifiers begin. Janza has already seen the players that can perform unlike the expatriate coach who will have to start all over again,” he said.

Zambia lost 4-5 to Namibia on penalties before beating a Ghana developmental team 3-0 and finally losing 1-0 to Malawi in the COSAFA Plate final.

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