Mwansa for MMD presidency

Kalombo mwansa

FORMER Minister of Defence Kalombo Mwansa says he is willing to consider standing for the MMD presidency and save the former ruling party from total political oblivion if members want him to lead the party.

Dr. Mwansa who is Dean  of School of Law at the Open University said although it was not ideal for himself to push his name for the top job in the MMD, he was willing to lead the former ruling party if members asked him to do so.

“As a king you cannot crown yourself, if people decide, I am ready to get the presidency. If people decided I would consider that. But I will not put my name on it. It should come from people who see the qualities in me. And if they push my name for the MMD presidency I am willing to consider that,” said Dr. Mwansa.

He said the MMD was experiencing a rough patch because most of the leaders after losing power felt unsettled in their political future.

“After that loss there were some problems, all of us were unsettled with that loss to the PF. But I think there is always a room for us to get back and get organised again and prepare vigorously for the 2016 general elections. I think there should be some resolve that can be done, but how and when is something we should all of us think about in order to save the MMD from total collapse. We have to discuss it all of us,” said Dr. Mwansa.

He said all well-meaning MMD gurus were ready to work with the party and put back life in order to redeem the party, adding that the MMD had the best economic policies.  Dr. Mwansa said it was a sad story for the party to fail to re-organise itself and more especially failing to defend its parliamentary seats it once held.

“Yes we are all interested in redeeming MMD and I think we have learnt from what happened to us and I think we can get stronger if we get back together because we have leant a lot after being out of office for this period and I am sure we can reorganize and play a major role in the governance and politics of our country. So certainly this is what we would like to see, actually all of us we would like to see MMD back again,” he said.

Dr. Mwansa said the issue of the MMD leadership had been there since the party lost power, adding that there was need to urgently address it before the 2016 general elections.

“The leadership question has been talked about for a long time since the MMD lost power to the PF. For instance, there have been calls to have a convention and elect new leaders to spearhead the party, but I think that is one of the things true MMD members we have to discuss. We have to discuss whether we need a new leader or not or we infuse in, in the current MMD administration and make it vibrant and prepare for the 2016 general elections,” he said.

Dr. Mwansa said although it was normal for a party to face challenges after losing power, there was an urgent need by all genuine MMD members to stand up and re-build the party.

“It was normal for a party to experience the kind of uphill battles the MMD is facing after being in power for 20 years plus and then lose power. But what you need is to put things together and strategies and rebrand our party and make it more relevant to the political needs now.

We need to get back where we were. I have to tell you that it is sad that we failed to defend the seats in Petauke and Malambo. We failed to field candidates but this should not be something which should go on forever, we should resolve to get ourselves organised and start playing a major role in the governance of our country,” said Dr. Mwansa.