MMD headed for extinction?


WHETHER Dr Nevers Mumba, president of opposition MMD, likes it or not, it is all lucid that for as long he hangs to his party like it is his life supporting machine, MMD is headed for extinction.

I am now beginning to suspect that Dr Mumba could have been sponsored by PF to kill MMD while an award is waiting for him.

We all know that since Dr Mumba took over the leadership of the party, MMD has been groping in the dark.

To me it is obvious that he lacks leadership virtues to see the party to higher grounds of opulence. Obstinacy will yield nothing for him.

He should learn to listen to the voice of wisdom. He has tried and has failed. Let someone else take over the party leadership which he has successfully divided into two camps.

I therefore totally agree with Dr Kalombo Mwansa on the need to redeem the mother of democracy in Zambia from extinction.

There is certainly an urgent need by all genuine MMD members to stand up and rebuild the party.

And to rebuild the party, I think it has to start with the head. MMD should urgently call for an extraordinary convention and usher in new leaders to tackle the party’s current problems.

If this, on the contrary, is not done, then MMD should politely dissolve itself because Dr Mumba will not take the party anywhere.

There is a limit to obduracy like the one being exhibited by Dr Mumba, my Chinsali mbuya.

But let him sober up and see that his time is over. Let him allow democracy to mark the way forward for the former ruling party. Nothing else will do.

Josiah Soko