Sichili residents suffer water blues

Kuomboka ceremony

RESIDENTS of Sichili, in Mulobezi district in Western Province, are queuing for water as early as 05:00 hours as the water only runs from 06:00 to 11:00 hours daily.

And Patriotic Front candidate Patricia Mulasikwanda and her UPND opponent Hastings Sililo have both assured the residents that they will address the situation once voted as member of Parliament in the June 30 by-election.

In separate interviews with the Daily Nation in Sichili on Tuesday, Ms Mulasikwanda promised that once she was voted into office, she would prioritize the improvement of water reticulation.

She said that for a long time now, water has been a source of concern for the people of Mulobezi district.

Ms Mulasikwanda said as someone standing on the ruling party ticket, it would be easy for her to lobby Government support.

And Mr Sililo said the water challenges were what he had  wanted rectified before his seat was nullified.

He said that now that he was recontesting his seat, he will embark on the water project to ensure reticulation was improved.

He said there was no reason for the people of Mulobezi to be sharing river water with animals 50 years after independence. He said that people of Mulobezi like any other part of Zambia were entitled to clean and safe water.

Meanwhile, Western Province UCZ bishop overseer Bishop Manyando Lubinda has urged political parties taking part in the Mulobezi parliamentary by-election to maintain peace in their campaigns.

Bishop Lubinda told the Daily Nation in Sichili that people are expecting peace to prevail during and after the campaigns. He said that as a church, UCZ believes in peace as it is the cornerstone of every country.

Bishop Lubinda said the church expected the playing ground to be levelled for all political parties.