Is Mutembo Nchito unfairly probed by the tribunal?


WITH Rajan Mahtani having to step down as Finance Bank Zambia Plc chairman following his arrest for forgery a lot of information has been unravelled.

But his troubles don’t end there. He will now face charges after the suspended Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito had entered a nolle prosequi over the fraudulent transfer of 500 000  shares from Zambezi Portland Cement into Finsbury Investment without following due process. But is the suspended DPP unfairly being probed by the Annel Silungwe tribunal?

It appears Nchito’s real sin was to play the big guys game. Mahtani has had a long and protracted battle with the Ventriglias, who claim ownership of Zambezi Portland Cement and in the last few months, there have been law suits and counter suits over the investment.

Who exactly was Nchito to go to war for other people? All this tribunal probe is now part of it.

Looking at the DPP tribunal, how many times has he put up preliminary legal imbroglios? Not only once and he is still fighting the tribunal in the High Court.

Nchito should have not engaged himself in big guys game to start with. He should have stuck strictly to his impartial State prosecution; that’s the way it should have been.

The tribunal itself is a big issue, it will touch all those people who got a questionable nolle prosequi from him while he was in office, no wonder why Fred M’membe makes sure the Annel Silungwe tribunal is hammered from all corners.

I am not good in legal matters but this is what my layman’s mind tells me.

Mubanga Luchembe,


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