Of crooks and moral decay in Zambia


THE recent happenings in our country in as far as crookedness and moral decay is concerned are  heartbreaking and frightening.

It is now considered normal for crooks who steal public resources to be hero-worshipped by some disgruntled citizens even when they are convicted by the courts of law.

Those in the media have the field day maligning and threatening other citizens and institutions with exposure.

They have thrown ethics to the winds They no longer carry out their role of informing, educating, deseminating and entertaining. They have become spies on the perceived enemies of their funders.

Those in the civil society have turned political criticising everything that the government does and always supporting the acts of tarnishing the image of their own country so as to please their local funders who are opposition political parties, forgetting that once there is drought of investment, the result is social and economic problems that will affect everyone including them and their funders.

Those in the judiciary also want to use their institutions to protect their relatives and friends and condemn their enemies.

The police don’t seem to understand their role, they wait until the political leadership comment on a possible violation of the law for them to pounce on the suspected perpetrators.

No wonder there is a perception that the State wants to gag those who senselessly criticise it. Now where does it leave vulnerable members of society who are not known by the media, police and officers of the court?

It is imperative for the Head of State to appraise the heads of all institutions of integrity and retain those who are competent and demote those who are incompetent in order to protect the weak of our people.

Zambia was known to be a country of strong morals, therefore it is embarrassing to see the old generation who are supposed to be our role models losing it at alarming rates.

In the past, whenever there was a thorny national issue, everyone was eager to hear from Charles Milupi,  Simon Zukas, Bishop John Mambo, Fr Luonde and Edith Nawakwi.

Today these national leaders have seemingly abandoned the noble cause and taken a route of supporting sectional interest.

I appeal to all Zambians to take interest in the affairs of our nation so that we can appreciate what the Government is doing on our behalf and what it’s not doing so that at elections time we judge them according to their achievements.

Insulting and calling the leaders in government names is absurd. We gave them the mandate and the time frame in which to achieve some benchmarks on which we elected them.

We should have trust in them and wait for the expiry of their mandate.

We need unity of purpose now more than before to allow our jubilee president to deliver on his electoral promises and glorify the name of almighty God Jehovah.

Enock chulu