UPND speaks for Yosi Miti

THE detention of a Zambian diplomat at the Julius Nyerere Airport in Dar es salam on the instructions of High Commissioner Kapijimpanga has been described as a callous and inhuman act.

United Party for National Development (UPND) official Edwin Lifwekelo said the officer Yosi Miti, was a  victim of a well schemed plot to have him replaced by a relative of some senior officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Lifwekelo said he knew Mr Miti  as he was  one of  the original founding members of the Patriotic Front (PF) in 2001 and that he was aware that some senior officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were not happy that he was given a diplomatic job. Mr Lifwekelo said Mr Miti, former vice-president Guy Scott, President Edgar Lungu, Information and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili founded the PF and that it was surprising that he could be detained in Tanzania where he was serving as first secretary.

“My heart bleeds that the man we founded the PF with is being victimized by the people who are beneficiaries of the risks he took on behalf of PF. The PF was founded by me, Mr Sata, President Lungu, Dr Scott, Mr Kambwili and Mr Miti who was detained in Tanzania. We used his private office for all our planning and I registered PF and I am not happy that he is going through this traumatic situation,” Mr Lifwekelo said.

And Mr. Miti who was expected to be released from detention and deported back home was by yesterday still in Tanzania as the High Commission refused to have anything to do with him.

Officials from Tanzania Immigration department expressed shock that the Zambian Government was using that country to fight diplomats accredited to that country.

“We still have him in detention here at the Julius Nyerere International Airport cells. We have not received fresh instructions from the mission here in Tanzania,” said the official.

Mr. Miti who had travelled to Da es Salaam to see his 72 year old ailing mother was informed by the immigration officers in that country that the Zambian mission had left instructions not to allow him in.

The official said the Zambian mission in that country had written to the immigration authorities cancelling his diplomatic passport and instructing them to detain him because he was not part of the mission anymore.

The immigration department in Tanzania, spoken to by the Daily Nation, expressed total surprise by the mission’s action saying Mr. Miti was being detained on instructions from the mission and not from the Tanzanian government.

Mr. Miti has been in detention for five days now after his arrest around 01:00 hours on Tuesday upon his arrival from Zambia at the airport.

One thought on “UPND speaks for Yosi Miti

  1. It quite possible that the Tanzanian authorities have good reasons for detaining Mr. Mitti, rather than pass on the blame to the Zambian Mission based in Tanzania.

    Tanzanian Immigration Officers can only carry out instructions from their Govt.

    The Zambian High Commission can only prevent Mr. Mitti from entering their Embassy. Therefore the case of Mr. Mitti’s detention is based on Tanzanian Govt first hand information supplied by the Zambian Govt.

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