BRE warns Nkoyas over 11th province

THE decision by Nkoyas to push for the delimitation of Western Province to create an 11th Province is inciting anarchy, says the Barotse Royal Establishment spokesperson Induna Katema.

He advised the Nkoya Royal Council chairperson David Tamboka to desist from inciting the people of Western Province from agitating for an 11th province.

Induna Katema cautioned Tamboke that anarchy and lawlessness were infectious if allowed to spread unchecked; sooner or later the same anarchy was likely to catch up with him.

He said it was unfair to have people who wanted to deceive others through unfounded statements that were aimed at discrediting other tribes

“We want to put this matter to rest, we wish to advise those individuals and groups of individuals who were beginning to take advantage of these statements that the establishment does not entertain lawlessness and hooliganism, such vices are alien to our culture,” Induna Katema said.

He said BRE was not interested in engaging itself in differences, hence the reason they had remained quiet, despite the ‘boiling’ issues in Western Province.

“Respect for authority, respect for elders, respect for other people’s property is the hallmark of Lozi tradition and culture,” he said.

Induna Katema said it was unfair for some Nkoyas to incite anarchy when there was peace and stability. The BRE is against the suggestion by the Nkoyas that Western Province be delimited into two provinces so that the Lozis can have their own province with the Nkoyas remaining with the other.