Detained diplomat returns


THE Zambian Government is lying about circumstances that led to the four day detention of a Zambian Diplomat at the Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar-es-Salaam.

Mr. Yosi Miti, according to Tanzanian immigration officials, was detained on account of instructions from the Zambian High Commission in Dar-es-Saalam and not because of any fault with his passport.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday issued a statement stating that the Tanzanian immigration authority had issues with his residential and work permit for that country.

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to inform the general public that it is aware that Mr. Yosi Miti was detained at the Julius Nyerere International Airport after Tanzanian Immigration Office found that his Diplomatic Permit (residential and work permits) had expired and he therefore could not enter the country on the strength of his diplomatic passport,” said Mr. Phiri.

The Ministry assured the general public that serious efforts were being made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the High Commission of Republic of Zambia in Dar-es-Salaam to facilitate Mr. Miti’s return to Zambia in the shortest possible time.

But Immigration officials in Tanzania have expressed shock at what they described as blatant lies by the Zambian Government suggesting that his residential and work permit had issues.

“Your Government is not telling the truth over this matter. They instructed us not to allow him enter Tanzania because according to the letter written by High Commissioner Kapijimpanga, Mr. Miti was no longer a diplomat and we had issues addressing the matter because he had a valid diplomatic passport,” said the official.

Mr. Miti  flew back to Lusaka on Friday  without seeing his family including  his ailing 72 year old mother and upon  his arrival on Friday night Mr. Miti’s diplomatic passport was immediately withdrawn at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

Officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs led by a Mr. Mwiinga grabbed his diplomatic passport without any explanation.

When Mr. Miti asked why the Passport was being withdrawn, the official said there were instructions from the Attorney General’s office to have the passport withdrawn.

He was arrested and at the airport detained around 01:00 hours on Tuesaday  in Tanzania by the Immigration authority upon his arrival from Zambia to visit his 72-year-old hypertensive mother.

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  1. Lies are nice when you say to others but it is painful when it is said to you. Nothing lasts for ever. Chaona munzako chapita, mawa chili paiwe.

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