Housewife charges husband K10 for love making

A 40-year-old man of Lusaka’s Chawama compound told a Local Court in that his wife was charging him K10 to make love to her and that sometimes he would do it on credit.

Chileshe Chisanga was testifying in a case in which his wife, Loster Nayame, 38, of the same compound sued him for divorce.

He complaied that his wife one time put his  sperms in a cup and when he consulted the prophet he was told that she wanted him to have low sperm count

The two got married in 1997 and have two children. Dowry was paid. “Nayame was charges me K10 per round to make love to her and that sometimes I make love on credit and pay at the month end when I get paid,” he said. But Nayame told Senior Court Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa sitting at Chawama Local Court that problems started in 2004 when Chisanga instructed his older brother to sell their radio after lying that it had been taken for repairs.

She explained that she got upset the following day when he told her that it was sold but Chisanga too got annoyed and told her he was going to marry a woman from the village.

Nayame added that when she was sweeping she found a letter showing that Chisanga had married in the village and paid dowry.

“He has been making meetings with his relatives in the village. He leaves home and goes to stay at his sister place.

In defence, Chisanga said that he found Nayame with five children and her father did not charge him dowry because he knew he was going to look after the children.

“Nayame was allowing her friends to have sex with their boyfriends on the matrimonial bed when I am not around. The other time I found a charm germinating in the wardrobe and when I asked her she said it was for the child.

that “Nayame only greets me when Iam about to get paid,” Chisanga said

He told the court that Nayame used to bring men in the house on the pretext that they were her cousins and at one time I found one of her ‘cousins’coming out of the bedroom,” said Chisanga.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Nyendwa said that Nayame was not faithful to Chisanga because she was bringing men in the house.

She said that the court was not going to compensate her because she kept Chisanga when he was not working. She said that Chisanga also deserted Nayame.

She granted the couple divorce ordering Chisanga to be paying child maintenance fee of K120 per month. Property acquired together to be shared equally.