Tenant/landlord tax to embarass President Lungu


THIS tenant/landlord tax is probably the worst law Zambia has ever produced as it is not only burdensome but knotty to implement for results.

Like have said before the timing of implementation of this law raises more questions than answers and I am suspecting someone out there is trying to make President Lungu unpopular, especially with general elections just around the corner.

For starters, a good number of tenants are shifting sands, today they are here tomorrow it is different story. Some run away without settling their rents. Who is going to take care of this situation?

Some of the decrepit structures on rent are fit for chicken runs but because of lack of accommodation in Lusaka and other towns, people are forced to live in such squalor set ups.

Will  the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) therefore set standards for what meets the criteria as rentable and taxable?

Some properties stay unoccupied for months after they have been vacated, what happens during that period?

And to monitor the situation ZRA will have to  employ extra staff, is  this necessary when these landlords are  already paying  land and property rates?

The MMD which came up with this ham-fisted law saw no need of implementing it because they saw the true implications in it.

Just what has out of the blue keyed up the PF Government to start robbing its citizens who are already suffering heavy taxation?

Our government has chosen to give relief to mines, which make big money but has decided to follow deprived individuals trying to make ends meet.

If you ask me now, President Lungu can forget about my vote which may cost him State House. This is law is obtuse and is only meant to mortify President Lungu.

If President Lungu cares for his people, then this is one law which he should stop. The MMD did so for perceptibly very good reasons

And as if that is not perfidious enough, ZRA thinks all Zambians own radios by deciding to advertise its ill intentions on radio, Sure ZRA?

One would have thought that ZRA was going to make use all of newspapers, television stations and indeed translating the adverts in all major local languages.

This  is one job badly done by ZRA which I think has better things to do than  chasing after K20s from  poor  people. What a big shame!

Disappointed  small  landlord,