Zambia attends power indaba in SA


ZAMBIA today joins other African countries at the 17 TH annual Africa Energy Forum in South Africa to discuss the power infrastructure.

Zambia would be represented by Mines, Energy and Development officials.

Energy net managing director Simon Gosling said with massive demand for power in Africa, the conference dedicated to power infrastructure projects in Africa as international investors ware interested in funding power projects to supply the massive demand for power in Africa.

“We’re delighted to bring AEF to Dubai to enable stakeholders to capture the massive potential of Middle Eastern investment,” he said.

He said the response from regional investors had been unprecedented and it would be exciting to learn from various stakeholders on how the Emirates had successfully used its natural resources to turn its economy into a booming global empire.

“Whether you are a project looking for investment or an investor looking for project, AEF is a very strong platform to engage future partners and understand the opportunities across Africa,” he said.

According to a report, over $25billion of investment capital was represented at AEF 2014 in Istanbul and that 2015 looks to be bigger.

Mr Gosling AEF was set to welcome over 1200 industry stakeholders that include government representatives, utilities, financial investors, power technology providers and power developers.

He said the AEF has become the place to do business and meet new and prospective clients, and African ministries, utilities and regulators return from across the continent meet and do business with prospective investors and power developers from Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America and South America.