FAZ owes Levy Mwanawasa Stadium a whopping K1m

THE Football Association of Zambia owes the Levy Mwanawasa Stadium management over K1 million for use of the facility and this is a reflection of how the executive committee has mismanaged football in Zambia, says soccer  administrator Simataa Simataa.

Simataa said the stadium management has asked FAZ to make an upfront payment to stage the Gabon 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Guinea Bissau this Saturday in Ndola.

He said FAZ, who get a discounted rate of K185,000 instead of the commercial rate of K268,000 to host an international match at the stadium, owes management over K1 million dating back to 2013.

Simataa said he was shocked that FAZ would accumulate over K1 million debt when Government shoulders the payment of allowances, accommodation, transport and all the needs of the national team.

He said FAZ should stop abusing Government agencies such as the Levy Mwanawasa management but become responsible.

“FAZ should explain or give reasons why they have accumulated such a colossal amount. They already enjoy a discount and should have at least paid half of the amount before hosting each game.

“This is a reflection of how the Kalusha Bwalya-led executive has mismanaged the game of football,” he said.

He called on Government to bring those responsible to book if they decided to step into the matter because it was taxpayers’ money which was being misused.

“If I were Government, I would leave it to FAZ to sort out the mess.

“Recently we had to pay over K3 million to former coach Dario Bonnetti and no one was brought to book over that. This time Government through the Ministry of Sports, must ask FAZ to exculpate itself,”he said.

He appealed to FAZ executive committee to put their house in order if Zambia football were to reach greater heights.

He said they should have the heart for the tax-payers money which could have been used on to other social amenities such as health and education.


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