Resolve Yosi impasse,President Lungu urged














President Edgar Lungu has has been improred to  stop the persecution of embattled diplomat in Tanzania, Yosi Miti, in line with court orders.

Christian Democratic Party president Dan Pule said it was not only inhuman but also illegal that Government was defying courts of law.

And Mr Miti’s lawyers have given a 15-days ultimatum to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to comply with the court order or face contempt of court action.

Commenting on the controversy surrounding the recalling of Mr Miti as First Secretary Trade at the Zambian High Commission to Tanzania Dr. Pule said  there was need for high level intervention.

“I don’t think President Edgar Lungu is behind the persecution of Mr. Miti, it is just an individual who is incompetent in government doing this. Not the President this I believe,

“I am appealing to the President to instruct his officials to make sure that they resolve this matter because it is tarnishing his image and creating unnecessary conflicts between Zambia and Tanzania,” said Dr. Pule.

Dr. Pule said the events surrounding Mr. Miti’s detention and the subsequent recall were sad, adding that if Government was not happy with the court order which ruled in favour of Mr. Miti, the best route to take was to appeal to the Supreme Court.

And People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has observed that failure by Government to respect court orders has the capacity to promote anarchy in the nation.

“It is a mark of promoting anarchy if we begin to ignore institutions of governance that we have created for ourselves. Courts are intended to be impartial arbiters in the dispute between citizens and citizens and between citizens and the state and institutions,” said Mr. Mulongoti.

The Lusaka High Court on 8th October, 2014 granted Mr. Miti leave for judicial review against the action by former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs George Kanyamula Zulu to dismiss him from the public service.

The High Court order was also operating as a stay of implementation of the decision by Mr. Zulu not to go ahead with the dismissal of Mr. Miti until the matter was concluded in the Court.

The Attorney General’s chamber on 18th December, 2014 pleaded with Mr. Miti to agree with proposals that he should not report for work in Tanzania despite the High Court order, but that he would still be paid his salary and other allowances as per Foreign Service conditions, the proposal the Ministry of Foreign Affairs breached.

According to a letter dated 2nd June, 2015, addressed to the Attorney General’s Chambers, the lawyers have expressed concern at the delays to fully comply with the full import of the Judge’s Order.

The lawyers also warned that the issue of the non-compliance of the court order had been brought to the attention of the court who had requesting to be furnished with the progress report for further action.