Zambia’s opposition is finished


I wish to concur with those thoughts that have completely written off the opposition in next year’s general elections.

It is more than obvious that if the opposition continues to perform at the current manner and fashion, they should stop thinking about 2016 altogether.

I say so because all they seem to know better is verbal abuse against the government of the day. They must be losing a lot of sleep if they don’t insult President Edgar Lungu and his Government thorough their mouthpiece, the Post.

There are many issues affecting Zambians today such as poverty, unemployment, diseases and hunger affecting Zambians daily which need burning attention.

But instead of telling the people how they hope to solve some of these tribulations, they want to find bliss in insulting the President  and  people in Government.

This will not win them votes because while they have progressively become “insultants”, President Lungu and PF are busy taking development to the people, and for this they will without doubt be voted back into office.

So my message to the opposition is that it should become abstemious and end character assassination campaigns and return to issue-based politics.

And for those tiny opposition parties which have been around for decades in their failed quest to secure State House, I think they should just liquefy.

They are time-wasters only interested in donor funds.

Many of them are currently in hibernation but come 2016, they will pop up like saints from heaven to impress the donors.

I think this is one area which the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) should do some research on and dispose of time-wasters.

Masiye Sunta

Chawama Lusaka

One thought on “Zambia’s opposition is finished

  1. The biggest problem opposition parties face is how to get Zambians start appreciating politics of issues and not the belly. Opposition parties are up against an incumbent in government who applies resources to appeasement than tackling real issues . Illiteracy levels are too high thus while the opposition may want to engage in debating issues the party in government responds with hand outs which effectively make more sense to the strained hungry thus the detections and join them if you can’t beat them. I tend to also agree that too many parties even those making no impact at all in the opposition tend to be a drawback for any meaningful challenge as it just spoils the focus on issue based debate

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