Chikwanda lauds private partnerships


PRIVATE partnerships with government can provide fertile environment for the improvement of sustainable enterprises in local manufacturing and economic activities, says minister of finance Alexander Chikwanda.

Mr Chikwanda said strong partnerships required strong capacities, natural resources and maximisation of value addition through collaboration in areas such cash crop agriculture,manufacturing,tourism,construction and skills transfer. He was speaking in Lusaka on Friday evening when he officiated at the networking dinner organised by the Zambia Turkish Business Association (ZATBA).

Mr Chikwanda said Zambia had proven to be a viable business investment destination whose pontential was recognised not only in Africa but the international community as well.

“In this regard, the networking dinner that we are gathered here for is one of the occasions availiable for business and investment technocrafts to interact and establish mutually profitable relationahips,” he said.

He cautioned ZATBA to clearly state on how the collaboration had benefited citizens of both nations in terms of job, financial resources and general enterprise development, adding that incebt toiling of the citizens must result into sustainable and world class enterprises.

Mr Chikwanda stated that steadfast efforts were on course to diversify the economy although Zambia was still largely dependent on the mining sector for foreign exchange earnings and job creation.

He therefore urged the citizens to focus their attention on manufacturing, agriculture and tourism as these sectors have a greater prospect for business growth not only in the sub-saharan region but the international market as well.

And Mr Chikwanda said that preparations of the 2016 national budget had commenced and invited members of the public to participate by submitting their proposals. Mr Chikwanda explained that proposals from the public would form the basis for some of the policies in the 2016 National budget and the 2016-2018 medium term expenditure framework. And ZATBA  Chairman Goksal Cavdar O said Zambia provided Turkish businessmen and investors a unique opportunity and that it was a centre piece and hubs of trade and economics in the southern African region.

Mr Cavdar O added that Zambia was located in startagic geographic location which allowed investors access to the region from a commercially viable and stable base.

He states that the establishment of ZATBA was an important step in showing Turkish investors and businessmen’s seriousness and committment to investing in the beautiful mother Zambia with the aim of creation.

“Since the establiahment of ZATBA, a mere seven months ago, around 13 Turkish companies have established businesses in Zambia.