Govt should bail out ZamPost – UPND

GOVERNMENT should harness the financial challenges that have rocked the Zambia Postal Services (ZamPost), in order to benefit employees, their families and all Zambians who use their services, UPND Chairperson for Labour Percy Chanda has said.

Last week, Post Master General McPherson Mumbi Chanda signed a circular dated June 8, 2015 which indicated that its source of income had dropped from K2.9 million in January 2014 to an average of K1.2 million per month in 2015.

Mr Chanda called for efficient management supported by Government to revive the firm as opposed retrenching workers as a way of saving money.

He said the circulars from the Postmaster General to employees revealed the dire financial position Zampost finds itself in.

Mr Chanda said the circular was a confirmation that the PF Government was broke and could not meet routine expenses despite borrowing heavily and that mismanagement was leading to both job losses and service failure.

He said without good leadership at the top setting the right example and holding those to account who could not meet the standard, mismanagement would continue.

“It will continue as long as transparency and openness are only a dream, and appointments at the top are made on the basis of political patronage and nepotism, rather than skill and merit,” Mr Chanda said.

He said efficient management would allow Zampost to grow and flourish creating yet more jobs.

And Post Master General McPherson Mumbi Chanda, Zampost was currently surviving from car sales and DSTv commissions.

‘I must state that if it were not for the additional commission earnings from the new initiatives such as Car Sales, DSTV, Road Tax, Motor Vehicle Insurance. The Corporation could have most likely ground to a halt by now,’ Chanda told workers in his circular.

Chanda told workers that the fall in revenue from Swift cash had resulted in serious financial difficulties in meeting monthly expenditures as well as supporting new business development.

He said that Zampost was facing huge difficulties to sustain the payments of retiree’s terminal benefits resulting in new court cases.

Chanda said ZamPost also owed various lending institutions (old) debts which the lenders were no longer willing to defer.

He said NAPSA had also taken the Zampost to court for failure to remit contributions over the past several years.

Chanda disclosed that ZamPost’s staff costs amounted to 90 per cent of all operating costs.