‘ACC, BoZ must expose Tedworth property looters’


THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and Bank of Zambia (BoZ) should immediately give Zambians a comprehensive report concerning rentals on the Tedworth property so that those who participated in the looting can face the law, International Institute of Democracy and Conflicts Resolution (IIDCR) has charged.

IIDCR president Tresford Chomba told the Daily Nation yesterday that his organisation was worried that those who were investigating the matter were delaying in issuing a comprehensive statement for Zambians to know the truth about where their money was.

Mr. Chomba said the IIDCR had been compelled to come up with the Citizens Forum on Task force on Corruption Accountability (CFTFCA), whose members will be unveiled tomorrow, to mount pressure on the ACC and Bank of Zambia to release the report on the Tedworth Property.

He said the IIDCR wanted the ACC to tell the nation who the perpetrators of corruption were, so that the law could take its course.

“Our interest as citizens of this country is nothing else but for the people who participated in the investigations to bring to light and tell the nation what they recovered. Government and donors spent a lot of money to put in place the Task force on Corruption to recover what was purported to have been stolen,” Mr. Chomba said.

“With regard to the Tedworth properties, we want the Bank of Zambia, the Anti-Corruption Commission, and other investigative wings connected to the case to give us a report. The report should not be treated like the Gabon Air Disaster and this money should not go in a few individual pockets. We want this money to be recovered so that it can be channelled back to viable projects that will benefit all Zambians” he said.

Mr Chomba explained that his organisation was aware that there were some high-profile individuals who had pocketed the money from the Tedworth Property rentals and that it was difficulty for them to be probed because some of them were connected to some officials in Government who shielded them. He vowed that the IIDCR would not rest until the issue was conclusively dealt with.

“People involved in this scandal have amassed a lot of wealth and are untouchable, with connections to Government officials, but we want the Task force on Corruption to expose them just the way they exposed former Republican President Frederick Chiluba because Zambians need this money,” he said.

Mr Chomba explained that the IIDCR would travel to New York at an appropriate time to follow up on the Tedworth Property bank accounts so that it could have first-hand information on what was transpiring on the ground.

“Further, the pressure group (CFTFCA) will undertake a trip to the New York and any other countries with a view to thoroughly investigate who is renting the Tedworth Properties and who is getting the money and how the money is being utilised. We are asking the donors to help us in this fight, just like it helped the country to establish the Task force on Corruption,” he said.

Mr Chomba also explained that the IIDCR had instructed its lawyers CKM Associates to obtain a court order that will compel all the parties that were investigating the Tedworth Property to release reports on what they had found out.



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  1. Oh! How wonderful if a conclusion to this matter was reached as it would show the world that Zambia and Zambians was upscaling on accountability and that when one flouts the law, the law will reign supreme. Thank you Mr Tresford Chomba, do soldier on, there are sympathizers out there ready to assist and join your crusade but please watch your back for the environment you are operating in will be more hostile to you than friendly!

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