Don’t surrender to foreign stooges

ZAMBIANS cannot surrender their sovereignity to a bunch of political failures and for- eign stooges to make deci- sions on important national issues such as the constitu- tion-making process, Para- mount Chief Chitimukulu has said.

He said some of the people in the civil society groups have brains, but they have to follow in- structions from their sponsors.

“The truth is that civil society groups are given programmes by their sponsors on strategies; they are boxed in a coffin-like narrow- ness of vision and thereby suffo- cate their creative imaginations. And hence there is loss of sover- eignty over self-loss of power, dig- nity, morality and debility,” Para- mount Chief Chitimukulu said.

He said Zambia’s political formula was based on Britain’s Westminster model and could be viewed as consequential upon the logic of Cabinet concentration

“The elections (in Zambia and Britain) are seen as a sum-zero game, a winner takes all and the Cabinet therefore emerges as the government summit. A closer look at Parliament and by means of scrutiny in the Hansard reveals that our political formula is ori- ented to three-quarters other than Parliament. The powers of Cabinet ministers and of the executive are generally without restrictions and the power of political caucus is un- trammeled,” the Paramount Chief said.

He said the foreign sponsored

stooges were shortsighted because when their sponsors told them to proclaim that the presidential can- didate should have 50 percent plus 1 of the total votes, they have been shouting at the top of their voices.

The chief said however that it had been surprising that on the other hand, the same people have been told that cabinet ministers shall have zero votes and they have been shouting for this also.

He said it was strange that in the same way they have been de- manding zero votes for ministers, they wanted zero votes for provin- cial ministers who would also sit in Cabinet, but universal suffrage for mayors and council chairpersons.

“There were general elections in the United Kingdom in May 2015 and the winning party obtained 36%, whereas President Edgar Lungu here obtained 48%. And we are being told to go for a re-run and just nod our head like tree- frogs without taking into account the cost of a re-run and our terri- fying poverty levels. And we seem not to realize that to make such a re-run, we must go and beg for funding from elsewhere and in the end we become indebted to them,” the Chitimukulu said.

He said according to the final Draft Constitution, 114 (1) cabinet ministers and 115 (1) provincial ministers would be appointed outside Parliament and 116 (1) par- liamentary secretaries would be appointed from amongst members of Parliament.

The chief said this rendered the peoples representatives in Parlia- ment irrelevant.

The chief accused the foreign stooges of having cleverly worked out a cunning scheme where “these super human-beings would have nothing to do with ordinary people whom they are supposed to rule.” He wondered how the clause could have made a lot of sense to the commissioners and the technical teams when the people were the object materials of every Govern- ment.

The Paramount chief said Zam- bia should detect the hand of the capitalist-exploiter in the Draft Constitution document.

He said the political elite of Zambia had become the worst en- emy of the people and survived for the sole purpose of enriching itself.

The chief said the political elite should not deceive people that there can be a Constitution that would stand the test when situ- ations change and generations change.

He said even articles in the fa- mous American constitution have been altered since 1770 when it was enacted where as Zambians throw away the old Constitution in order to enact a new one.