Pule doubts Wynter’s popularity


RAINBOW Party president Wynter Kabimba is not a political factor in Zambian politics and pronouncements that he will form Government next year are farfetched, Christian Democratic Party president Dan Pule has charged.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Dr. Pule said Mr. Kabimba and his Rainbow Party were till infants and to dream of forming Government next year was unthinkable.

“Rainbow Party is not known anywhere in the country and this is a party which has been on the scene for not more than a year, actually it has been in existence for less than seven months. Where has this Rainbow and Kabimba gone to sell the ideologies of the party?” he said.

Dr. Pule said Zambians wanted a leadership which would respond to the many challenges the nation was facing, adding that the Rainbow Party had not shown the people of Zambia how they would address the high unemployment levels.

He said Zambians had followed Mr. Kabimba’s political traits when he was PF secretary general and the anarchy he allegedly caused in the country because of the way he conducted his politics.

“So he is overrating himself to think that he will form the next Government in 2016. The people of Zambia want a tested leadership, a responsible leadership which will not wage power against the very people who will put them into power. Zambians cannot trust and entrust the Rainbow Party with such a huge responsibility based on the conference they had over the weekend. Zambia has grown into a democracy and not autocracy,” Dr Pule said.

And former PF Lusaka district secretary Benjamin Siwila said Mr. Kabimba would be bruised during the 2016 general elections.

He said Mr. Kabimba must realise that Zambians cannot give him power because he was a political “bully”.

Mr. Siwila noted that power was with the people and therefore, Zambians were not careless to entrust leadership of the nation to people who were exited and abused it when they were ministers.

“I am happy that at some point Mr. Kabimba realised that power is with the people. He has come back with a clear version of leaders. But he must realise that he made people taste his bad leadership when he was appointed Minister of Justice by President Michael Sata. He must realise that Zambians have developed a sense of responsibility when it comes to electing leaders,” he said.

He said Mr. Kabimba should not be misled by some newspapers that he had a growing political party.

“Let him go into a by-election and see how he will be bruised ahead of the 2016 general elections. He must not be misled. He is only popular in the Post newspapers.”