RDA should repair damaged compound roads

THE Road Development Agency has been challenged over the dilapidated state of major community roads in the capital city.

Lusaka City Council (LCC) Kapwepwe Ward 20 councillor Maurice Piyo said most community roads have remained impassable over a long period of time despite continuous cries from the people.

He said most compound roads have remained in a deplorable state and have become impassable as they have never been attended to since the pre-independence period.

“On behalf of the people of Kapwepwe Ward 25 of Matero Constituency and on my own behalf, I once again wish to bring to your attention the deplorable state in which the roads in the Ward are and to appeal to you for your urgent attention to this matter.

“This situation is making the people of Kapwepwe ward feel like second-class citizens who can’t be given consideration by RDA in these Government funded programmes,” he said.

In a letter to the chief executive officer of RDA, Mr Piyo accused the agency of being insensitive to the plight of the people in his ward by ignoring their cries for an improved road network.

He explained that since end of the one party system of governance in 1991, only one road- Antelope Drive was rehabilitated to bituminous standard over a stretch of one kilometre.

He said Kapwepwe Ward had been in existence from time immemorial much older than most of the newly established dwellings in Lusaka most of which the Agency had paid much attention.

He said if the community road infrastructure remained unattended to, it would have enormous repercussions for the ruling party’s popularity among the people since PF was voted into office on the promise of improving the people’s lifestyles.

“If the deplorable state in which our roads remain unattended to, I am afraid to say  that we may be creating a time bomb where our people will lose patience and confidence in the ability of your Agency to give them a fair share of road development.

“The people of Kapwepwe Ward are looking for a fair share in the distribution of resources and development of the road network as embarked upon by this current administration led by. President Lungu and it is only fair that we must be updated on when your Agency is considering the rehabilitation and upgrading of road networks in Kapwepwe Ward,” he said.

The Ward’s most impassable roads were named as Mworla, Catholic, Mwamba Luchembe, Baobab, Tandeni and  Bancroft, to mention a few.

“You may wish to know that since end of one party era in 1991, the only road that has been rehabilitated to a bituminous standard is a stretch of one km road, namely, Antelope Drive.