Teachers licence welcome development


The introduction of the teaching practice licenses for teachers by the Ministry of Education is a welcome gesture. Teaching, like other professions such as accountancy, law and medicine to mention but a few, needs to be regulated. This will bring sanity to the teaching profession by making sure that teachers work within the precinct of the law. The erring teachers, that is those found wanting or abrogating the teaching ethics, should find themselves on the wrong side of the law. This is what happens in my profession, which is accountancy. Kudos to the Ministry of Education.

Concerned accountant, Lusaka.

One thought on “Teachers licence welcome development

  1. This must be imprimented to avoid fake teachers. Just like HUMAN RESOURCES PRACTITIONERS who must be registered with Z I H R M must be regulated. Too much irregularities will spoil the carriers. Check them by seeking for certificates which must be issued soon as they graduate from lawfull colleges and not from Matero “UNIVERSITIES”.

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