Corporate social responsibility

Education plays an important role in developing a child both physically and mentally.

It is also one of the factors in economic development, as it is said that a nation full of illiterates is a dead one.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for educational for all by 2015 is but a mockery as many children are still out of school due to a number of factors.

Some of them are  economical and others social, but to many it is the distance to nearest schools.

Take the stretch between Chongwe ZESCO and Silverest Primary school which is over 10km and children are made to walk that distance in this cold and often times they depend on hiking from well wishers.

Who knows what happens to the girl child who can be abused at any time!

It is from this assertion that I feel for the children, and I write to appeal to the commercial farms where these children hail from to come together as  part of their corporate social responsibility and construct a school at one of the farms or better still buy a bus which can be transporting the children to and from school just as they do for their workers.

It is also sad to see children drop out of school at grade 9, while some fail to get bursaries or scholarships, and yet the Government preaches of mass infrastructure development of schools. Something must be done, especially for the girl child!