Dual citizenship for Zambia okay



I am in full support of  Zambia’s cabinet to have approved the inclusion of dual citizenship in the country’s current constitution-making process. It is a pity that our country missed an enormous opportunity to have aggressively marketed Zambia’s tourism and dual citizenship during the UNWTO general assembly held on this soil in August 2013 to investors from Asia and other parts of the world – the Diaspora included.

It was expected that during the UNWTO conference, the issue that could have not been formally on the agenda, but could have continually resurfaced, hopefully, might have been the idea of Zambians living abroad.

Perhaps, among the many sidebar conversations expected to have been held between delegates, would have been the dual citizenship concept which might have generated some interest among participants which could have shifted from a mere topic of conversation to

exploring how to ultimately make it a catalyst in Zambia’s tourism efforts.

Dual citizenship is not a new concept; it’s been offered throughout the world by many countries to their descendants.

It allows citizens of their country of birth to be citizens of another country either because of their parents’ birth there, through naturalization, or through spousal marriage provisions.

With respect to the Zambian scenario, it is time to implement a policy that encourages not only economic, but also social reconciliation between Zambians and their descendants in the diaspora.

By working together, dual citizenship could ultimately be the vehicle that may play a role in allowing Zambia’s tourism to grow exponentially as its children return home for a look and see to build a better society for all.

Among the many benefits of having dual citizenship would be the opportunity for capital investment in tourism. Zambia is the land of opportunity.

There is tourism business to be done and money to be made by all investors living abroad.

Albeit, the dual citizenship requirement would only become a reality if parliament approves the proposal in the current draft constitution.

Mubanga Luchembe,