Owas’ “Chenda” movie Premier’s today

FILMAKER Owas Ray Mwape today releases “Chenda” a movie to be launched at FreshView Cinemas -Levy Mall in Lusaka this evening.

Written by Ivory van der Boom and directed by Owas Mwape himself for Owas Crystal Films Production, “Chenda” features seasoned film producer and actor Mingeli Palata as well as singer Dambisa Lunda. Other prominent cast members include Mwape himself and dancer/beautician Zodwa Khumalo.

The movie will be launched in a special red carpert event that attacts a K50 charge.


Chenda is a proud and bitter housewife whose dreams of having a family were ruined by her husband Kel’s (Mingeli Palata) infidelity with a ‘komboni’ girl (Dambisa Lunda). Kel to no avail does his best to make it up to Chenda, but his efforts become even more trivial when his confidante, attractive and playful friend Emmit (Owas Ray Mwape) comes to stay.

Suspenseful, passionate and full of banter, Chenda questions whether it is better to work on a failing marriage or give up in favour of something new.