Harrington reacts to Chisanga comment

I wish to react to the comment by one Chisanga C. in your edition of Wednesday June 17, 2015.

The said Chisanga inter alia expressed shock on the position I have taken on the Barotseland Agreement 1964 issue, or rather its’ unilateral abrogation in 1969. He in fact should not be shocked as I have consistent on this issue for a long time now.

Well perhaps Chisanga deliberately attempts to misunderstand my position or desires to mislead the public but let me make him even more shocked.

Firstly, never have I stated or even insinuated that Barotseland is only for Lozis. This is far from the truth. The Nkoya – speaking people are an integral part of Barotseland.

It is for that reason that Sir Mwanawina III included some Nkoyas in his delegation to London to sign the Barotseland Agreement (Note: Not “Lozi Agreement”) in 1964 on behalf of his subjects, Nkoyas included. That historical event gave birth to Zambia. Chisanga whom I presume is Bemba or Bemba –speaking, may be shocked to learn that Barotseland is was a Nation State, a Kingdom under the Litunga (the King) comprising many ethnic groupings including the Nkoya who according to the latest Central Statistical Office represent a paltry 14% of the Barotse nation. I am not competent enough to dispute this statistic. Chisanga may be further shocked to learn that Sir Mwanawina was married to a Nkoya, or so I am reliably informed.

I have decided to support the Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) because of its noble ideals and agenda to spearhead the resolutions and expressed will of the general populace of Barotseland through their Indunas in a peaceful, logical, non – tribal, legal and diplomatic manner. For that I make no apology to anyone at all. We want to see a speedy solution to this matter. We will not allow a January 2010 when unarmed and defencless youth were shot and killed in cold blood over Barotseland Agreement – related issues.

So Ba Chisanga, please do not reduce this thorny and sensitive issue to tribalism.  My stand on some important issues is based on principle for which I make no apology to anyone. I hope I have not shocked Ba Chisenga too much again! He can rest assured that for me it is No Retreat No Surrender, even if the truth shocks or hurts.

William Harrington


One thought on “Harrington reacts to Chisanga comment

  1. Go to the fore. You make noise from the safety of your house in foreign lands (Zambia) while the alliterates you mislead get shot and killed.
    Go and setup your base on ground zero maybe you will be taken seriously.

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