THE number of  school girls falling pregnant is still on the rise despite sensitization programmes against the vice, says Forum for African Women Educationalists in Zambia (FAWEZA) nation coordinator Agness Shipanuka.

Ms Shipanuka said it was shocking that despite massive sensitization to reduce the rate of pregnancies mong school girls, the scourge was on the rise.

According to the recent statistical report by the Ministry of Education, the number of girls that fell pregnant in 2014 was 16,378 compared 14,938 in 2013.

Ms Shipanuka said the increase in the number of girls dropping out of school due to pregnancies may have a negative impact on some of the development goals Zambia has set.

She said the large number of school girls falling pregnant was an indication that many of them  were having unprotected sex, hence Zambia  may see an  increase in the HIV infection rate.

Ms. Shipanuka has called for concerted efforts among the stakeholders to ensure that the trend was phased out as it was a  hindrance to the development of the country. And Ms Shipanuka said the number of young girls reclaiming schools places after falling pregnant has improved compared to previous.

She said according to the Ministry of Education report, the number of young girls claiming schools places after falling pregnant in 2014 increased to 5,322 compared to 4,492 in 2013.


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