1 million jobs strategy coming-Shamenda

GOVERNMENT is implementing the industrialization and job creation strategy aimed creating one million new formal jobs over a period of five years, Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda has said.

Mr Shamenda said the strategy was aimed at transforming the industrial landscape of Zambia which will enable Government to create one million new formal jobs.

Speaking during the launch of the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) flagship projects dubbed “More and Better Jobs”, Mr Shamenda said Government was spending money in areas that would create more formal jobs for the people.

In a speech delivered on his behalf by Labour and Social Security permanent secretary, Trevor Kaunda, Mr Shamenda urged partners in the private sector to continue supporting Government in driving the job creation agenda forward.

“This is because my Government recognizes that without the private sector’s continued investment in our economy, efforts to archive meaningful and sustainable job creation is an exercise in futility,” Mr Shamenda said.

He said Government shall endeavour to ensure that Zambia continued to be conducive for doing business through sound policies and economic management.

“Government is always open to any initiatives from well-intentioned individuals and institutions that have the potential to deliver lasting policy solutions,” he said.

Mr Shamenda said Government remained committed to encouraging more investment in key sectors of the economy as outlined in the strategy paper on industrialization and job creation and providing an enabling economic environment overall for business to thrive as they created more and better jobs.

And ZIPAR executive director Pamela Nakambakabaso has observed that the employment challenge was one of the biggest problems Zambia was faced with.

She said through the flagship project, ZIPAR hoped to support Government in realizing its goal on job creation.

“First, we will carry out a more systematic empirical assessment of the problem and potential policy responses. Secondly, this will be underpinned by comprehensive engagement with a wide range of expertise from across the Zambian society and from Government to academia and the cooperating partners,” Ms Nakambakabaso said.

She further added that the flagship project would undertake a number of studies focusing on various aspects of the challenge.

“These studies are designed to improve a greater understanding of issues relating to the size, quality, causes and consequences of unemployment in Zambia. Crucially they are all intended to help provide tangible and practical policy responses to help government address the jobs challenge,” she said.