Clean up Chingola central police




WE appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs Mr Davies Mwila and President Edgar Lungu to help cleanse Chingola Central Police Station of corruption.

The station has gone to the dogs where corruption is being perpetuated under the nose of a very clean man of God in the CID without his knowledge.

In fact in many cases, corrupt juniors officer use his name and title to advanced their corruption.

This man of God is not even aware of the schemes being perpetuated by his junior officers. People are detained and locked for reasons that can be easily resolved.

People get locked up for all kind of cases in the name of debt collection when actually the law is very clear that when a complainant wants a payment settlement from the perceived offender, they should seek court jurisdiction.

However, officers at Chingola Central Police Station have put a blind eye to being advisers and have become debt collectors themselves.

Concerned residents.