Davies Chama: separate politics from culture


The ex-communicable utterances by the PF Secretary General Davies Chama on the Tonga people, has comprehensively failed to cleanse Zambia of its past and rebirth is on an identifiable transformation path.

Those derogatory remarks by our leaders towards other tribes open up wounds that need more than bandaging.

There is no sure cure to what was said and wounds that Tongas are grappling with.

SG Chama exposed the inherent legacy and culture of the hate era.

Marginalizing Tongas and describing them as though they are almost modern-day caricature of servants speaking people was regrettable.

Tongas are decent human beings deserving the highest quality of respect if possible.

History is important in helping us confront the future with caution and helping us avoid making mistakes like those in Burundi and Rwanda.

As politicians, first of all, one should refrain from commenting on an issue one is clearly not familiar with.

Our struggle for democracy was for all to gain the right to practice all of our beliefs as long as they didn’t infringe on the bill of rights in the constitution.

The worst kind of oppression is not polygamy but one in which the oppressor believes he knows what is right for others.

Polygamy may very well be bad to other tribes but who has earned the right to say so and by what means? Or do we now live in a country in which it is accepted that those who have the power and means also have a God-given right to dictate/condemn others?

When we achieved multiparty system in 1991, there was an equally great expectation that culture would receive a practical recognizable status.

Delineate boundaries between culture and politics to avoid entrenching and silencing practice of existing cultures.

It is sad that politicians are attacking our culture heritage to gain glorified mileage against a tribe which is not a political party.

Tongas are not living in a banana republica run on the whims of some leaders, PF party and its administration demonstrated its dangerous contempt for constitutional human rights.

Political apology from the party vice president while in Livingstone doesn’t hold water.

Mr. Chama has proved that he is his own worst enemy by picking up an agenda undermining constitutional rights of the Tonga people.