‘My husband asked me to commit adultery to build a house’

A WOMAN told a Local Court in Lusaka that her husband advised her to committ adultery so that when he is compensated with a lot of money he can build a house.

This is in a case in which Esther Makuka, 24, of Zani Muone area sued her husband, Lloyd Shabwande, 28, of 10 miles for divorce.

The two got married in 2012 and have two children. Dowry was paid.

Makuka told Senior Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting with Magistrate Pauline Newa at Matero Local Court that she enjoyed her marriage for only three weeks.

She said after that Shabwande has been beating and causing her severe injuries because he liked beating her while she was naked.

Makuka  said after  one such battering she went to expose her husband’s cruelity at Muvi TV. Shabwande has been locked up in police cells on four occasions.

“I was in hospital  after the beating and the doctor said that I have internal injuries that caused blood to be clotting. I have medical report with me,” said Makuka.

Makuka produced the medical report in court as part of her evidence.The couple has been on seperation for five months.

In defence, Shabwande said that Makuka was flirtatious.

He explained that on January 20, when they were at a funeral she disappeared from  the mourning house and only showed up at mid night and when he asked her  where she had been, she told  him to stop bothering her because he was not a real man.

And when he wanted to retaliate she pulled his manhood. He further stated that he caught Makuka with a man. Another man driving a Spacio has been coming to his home when he was not around.

“When I asked Makuka about a man who comes in a Spacio she asked why I was I asking her as if I am a real man because when she goes to the market more than 10 men propose to her and that a white man gives her K1, 500.

“The other time she pointed at another man who she said was responsible for her pregnancy. I  also started finding messages in her cell phone nine months after we married. I have been locked up in police cells on three occasions,” said Shabwande.

But Makuka  hit back and said  it was Shabwande who told her to commit adultery with a man who was building their house after he found a message in her phone so that he builds a house for him from compensation.

She said that she allowed the builder to enter the bedroom because at one time he proposed love to her and later she phoned Shabwande who found them seated on bed and got the builder’s shoes.

She explained that at court Shabwande was just compensated K1,000 after she revealed that it was planned trick.

Makuka further stated that a man with a Spacio was sent by the grandfather of Shabwande to also propose love to her.

Passing judgment, Magistrate Mumba said that the couple was already divorced because dowry was returned and that they have been on separation for a long time.

He said that there was too much violence as evidenced by the medical report.

He granted the couple divorce ordering Shabwande to compensate Makuka with K5000 in monthly installments of K300 and to be paying child maintenance fee of K300. Property acquired together to be shared equally.